Celebrate your birthday in style with one of our beautiful hand crafted cakes. We offer delicate mousse cakes using fresh seasonal fruits as well as decadent chocolate cakes made of high quality dark chocolate (70% cacao). Happy Birthday!

Start the day on a high note with great cup of coffee and a fresh, buttery croissant! Our croissants are handcrafted with love by our French patissiers following a traditional French recipe and high quality butter. Taste the difference today!
Almond Croissant

A delicious handmade croissant combined with rich almond frangipane and a pinch of rum and then topped> with crispy almond. Some customers have actually told us that this is the best Almond croissant they’ve ever had
Pain au rasin

Sometimes called ‘escargots’ in NZ, pain aux raisins are a brioche-style viennoiserie filled with raisins and delicious custard.
Pain au chocolat

A decadent chocolate bar enrobed in flakey, buttery pastry. This has long been a favorite with French kids!
Danish of month

A rich flakey pastry filled with smooth custard and fruit
Chocolate twist

A melt-in-your-mouth viennoiserie twisted with vanilla custard cream and decadent chocolate. This is our staff’s favourite!