Macherie Blog

July 5, 2019

10 Years of Ma Cherie

July 2019 marks 10 years of Ma Cherie, and what 10 years it’s been. We wanted to take a trip down memory lane, get the photo albums out and reminisce on the journey of then to now. We’ve put together our favourite and most notable moments from the past 10 years in business. 2009 – We’re open for business On…
June 27, 2019

10 Year Anniversary Special – Gianduja Macaron

We wanted to do something extra special to mark our 10 Year Anniversary of Ma Cherie. We thought we’d take it back to where it all began – macarons. We asked our Head Chef and Co-Founder, Guillaume Nicoli to choose his dream macaron flavour and we thought we’d put it to our team to make it happen. We’re delighted to…
June 20, 2019

French Wholesale Macarons – Made with Super Simple Ingredients

Wholesale French macarons have been the centre of our business since day 1, which means we’ve been making macarons for over 10 years. We’re really proud of our range and processes to product these “little mouthfuls of heaven” and we wanted to give you a little behind the scenes peek into what goes into each batch. At Ma Cherie, our…