Large Desserts

Due to popular demand, we’ve expanded our range of large tarts and gateaux.  We’ve added everyone’s favourite Lemon meringue tart and French dark chocolate tart, best for afternoon tea parties or dessert after dinner.  Also our delicious large french Gateaux can be the highlight of the party, no need to feel guilty even if you want to have second piece.  Also feel at ease with the low gluten content.

Whole Tart

French Lemon Meringue

Classic French style Lemon Meringue tart on a pastry base with our special recipe almond crème. Topped with a tangy homemade lemon curd and finished with hand piped meringue.

French Dark Chocolate

A chocolate lovers dream! Homemade pastry base with our special recipe almond crème, chocolate ganache, topped with 70% rich chocolate mousse, Finished with a dark chocolate glaze, topped with soft Chantilly cream.

Whole Gateaux

Dark Chocolate & Passion Fruit

Low Gluten

A delicious daquoise (almond sponge cake) layered with passionfruit jelly and dark chocolate mousse. Covered in decadent dark chocolate, and finished with hand piped chantilly cream, and passionfruit glaze.

Natural Raspberry & Chocolate

Low Gluten

A classic homemade Dacquoise sponge base, layered with creamy chocolate mousse and raspberry jelly made from fresh raspberries. Topped with Raspberry mousse and finished with freeze-dried raspberry pieces.


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Large Desserts