Frozen Croissant Range

At Ma Cherie, we’ve been making croissants for over 10 years for our wholesale customers. In 2018 we launched a range of retail packed frozen croissants, so now your customers can have the smell of freshly baked pastry in their own home.
Our range is frozen, which allows for added convenience for customers and zero waste as you only bake exactly what you need. Just remember to let our pastries rise overnight in a cold oven, then bake fresh ready for your occasion.
We have five different ready to rise options in our range for your customer to choose from, including Classic Mini Croissants, Mini Pain au Chocolat and our famous Savoury Filled Croissants. Perfect for lunchboxes, morning tea, events or weekend brunch.

Frozen croissant range

Mini Pain Au Chocolate

Traditional French style croissant with chocolate.

600g (12/pack)

Free Farmed Bacon And Mushroom

Traditional French style croissant with free farmed bacon and grated cheese, air dried mushroom.

Croissant 360g ( 4/pack)

Mini Danish Blueberry

Traditional French style croissant with custard and blueberry compote.

420g ( 6/pack)

Mini Plain Croissant

Traditional French style plain croissant.

500g (10/pack)