Croquembouche French Wedding Cake

The croquembouche was created in the late 1700’s by famous French chef Antoine Careme.  It became the traditional French wedding cake and its popularity spread worldwide over the next several hundred years.  Now you can buy an exquisitely hand made croquembouche direct online with Ma Cherie.  If you are looking for a regal and delectable wedding cake choose a croquembouche from Ma Cherie. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell this as a wholesale product.

This traditional French wedding cake is shaped like a tower composed of multiple custard filled profiteroles held together with threads of caramel.  Croquembouche translates to “crunch in the mouth” and once you bite in it’s easy to know why.  The delicate contrast of crunchy glazed caramel outside and the smoother, softer inner profiterole tower, create an incredible wedding cake experience.  Celebrate with a French wedding cake, fresh and ready to impress.  Call or send us an email to order your croquembouche today.

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The Croquembouche; a wedding dessert delight

Croquembouche was invented by the French pastry chef Antoine Careme back around 1783 to 1833.  Over all these years the Croquembouche has retained the crown as the most popular wedding dessert in France.

The Croquembouche is constructed with the well known profiterolls (choux) which are filled with custurd cream, piled into a high pyramid
and encircled with caramelized sugar. These delectable profiterolls give the Croquembouche its name, which means: “ crunch in the mouth”.

The Croquembouche, towering in all its glory, is served as the center piece to the wedding (besides the bride and groom of course!). When the time comes for dessert, the lights are dimmed, some dramatic music plays and the bride and groom typically break off the first choux. Its like the cutting of the cake but in a traditional French style. Next the guests are invited to indulge in this fantasy dessert. You can be sure of one thing, its a wedding dessert your guests will never forget.


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