Cookies & Healthy range

Cookies and Health Range
Here at Ma Cherie, we’ve been crafting healthier dessert alternatives that are still authentically French. We’ve designed a range of premium retail ready cookies and healthy bars that are pre-packaged and ready for your shelves.
Our Almond tiles are extremely authentic French cookies, you’ll impress even the most critical cookie connoisseur with these. Match these cookies with a flat white, or other hot drink. They are perfect for a light morning tea or afternoon snack.
Our Almond tiles are a firm favourite with customers, so popular in fact that we make them by hand on a weekly basis to keep up with demand.
Healthy Range
We’ve found that our health range is a good alternative for health focused customers who still want a treat, but to feel no guilt. We’ve looked to reduce the amount of sugar, dairy and eggs in this range. You’ll find low dairy, low sugar and low egg options, so those with food sensitivities don’t need to miss out.
These items can be shipped nationwide across New Zealand, so get in touch with our team if there is something that your food store, café, catering business, hotel or event centre would like to stock.

Our Cookies & Health Range Selection

Almond Biscotti

Our Almond Biscotti has been described as simply divine. Once you take a bite your mouth fills with the richness of Almond. A slight scent of cinnamon produces a nice warm feeling.

125g / indivisual 25g

Apple Energy Bar

Our Apple Energy bar is low sugar, low gluten and low dairy, making it a healthy choice. It’s a fine mix of dried fruits and nuts is not only great for your body but tastes good too!

225g / indivisual 45g

Almond Tiles

A traditional French cookie. Very light, thin and crunchy and almost fragile. Full of buttery flavour, perfectly paired with almond.


Guilt free Dark Chocolate Truffle

Our guilt-free, yet decadent dark chocolate truffle. Handmade by the team at Ma Cherie using low sugar and low dairy ingredients.

2 months shelf life, chilled.