New Product Release: The Ready to Bake Pastry Range

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New Product Release: The Ready to Bake Pastry Range

Head Chef Guillaume Nicoli has a brand-new range that we’re here for and very excited to announce to our customers. Lucky for us, Guillaume had a moment of homesickness and realised he couldn’t find the authentic, quality French Pastry in New Zealand. You know the stuff, we’re talking a classic crossiant, pain au chocolat, or an almond croissant – those typical French Pastries that you can imagine in every bakery. The smell of freshly based pastry wafting through the air, and that first bite with the perfect crunch. Drool worthy stuff.

Guillaume decided that he missed these delights so much, that he would make wholesale French Pastries both for his family, and for everyone in New Zealand. Since then, we’ve sourced the best ingredients both locally and internationally and trialed numerous recipes and batches before we reach the perfect wholesale range.

“I haven’t been able to find the quality in French Pastry in New Zealand I’m expecting – to bring back the memory of home.” 
– Guillaume Nicoli


Let us introduce you to our five Wholesale French Pastry Products: 

Classic Croissant – A traditional handmade French croissant. The classic.

Pain au Chocolat – Traditional French croissant with dark chocolate rolled into the middle. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Pain au Raisin – Traditional French croissant with homemade custard and dotted with raisins.

Ham and Cheese Swirl – Traditional French swirl with cheese and NZ raised ham rolled through.

Almond Croissant – Handmade Almond Croissant filled with homemade almond frangipane, made with a hint of rum.

Ready to Bake

Our range is ready to bake which is extremely convenient. Each day you can take our pastries directly from the freezer, straight into the oven and bake them. It’s that simple. Perfect pastries every time and that freshly baked pastry smell that your customers will love.

We recommend doing a test bake in your oven to ensure you get that perfect golden finish every time. Bake our pastries in a pre-heated oven at 165/170°C for 20 to 24 minutes. We recommend that our pastries are eaten on the same day as baking.

Made by Hand

All of our pastries are made in house, by our talented team of pastry chefs. We’re really proud that this range is Made in New Zealand. Each item is lovingly rolled, proofed and packaged by hand. That way, we can guarantee the Ma Cherie quality you’ve grown to know and love.

Professional Tip – Add your own Flare to the range

It’s not tricky to dress these pastries up. Imagine serving the delicious Classic Croissant with a yummy homemade jam or curd. Or how about a seasonal vegetable chutney with the ham and cheese swirl? Offer your customers a unique experience, and they are sure to be back.

Interested in seeing more of the wholesale French Pastry range?

Contact our sales team directly by emailing and one of our reps will be happy to come and visit you to discuss our extensive  wholesale range.

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