Our Range of Gateaux – Small, but big in flavour!

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Our Range of Gateaux – Small, but Big in Flavour!


Head Chef Guillaume is always looking for new exciting flavours that are nothing less than impressive. If you’ve tried the Ma Cherie gateaux range, you’ll know this is true! From mango to blueberries – fresh flavours are not lacking. Each of our gateaux have been flavour matched to perfection. We select the best ingredients we can find to ensure a quality flavour, texture and look.

It was eight years ago, in 2002, Guillaume started creating the gateaux range.  The first flavour was Chocolate Passion Fruit. It was a true success, in fact is still in our range today and is consistently a best seller! We don’t want to give away all our secrets, but using these moulds allows us to create unique shaped desserts.


It’s a new technology used by the pastry industry worldwide. Let’s celebrate the gateaux in this blog by reintroducing you to the delicious wholesale range. Can you guess which flavour is Guillaume’s favourite?

Chocolate Espresso

Decadent chocolate brownie topped with a balloon filled with layers of vanilla mousse and homemade espresso curd.  Finished with coffee flavoured Chantilly cream, and a light dusting of chocolate with cocoa bean.

Black Forest

Indulgent homemade chocolate brownie base. Topped with a luxury layered purple balloon of flavoured cherry mousse, and jelly.  Finished with light Chantilly cream and topped with a cherry and natural cherry powder.

Natural Raspberry & Chocolate

A classic homemade chocolate brownie base.  Topped with a bold balloon filled with layers of creamy chocolate mousse and raspberry jelly made from fresh raspberries.  Topped with light chocolate mousse and finished with freeze-dried raspberry pieces.

Dark Chocolate & Passion Fruit

A delicious daquoise (almond sponge cake) layered with passion fruit jelly and dark chocolate mousse.  Covered in decadent dark chocolate, and finished with hand piped Chantilly cream, and passion fruit glaze.

Blueberry & Cherry

A homemade brownie based topped with a dome of fruity blueberry mousse. In the centre of the dome, you’ll find a cherry and blueberry jelly. Topped with whipped cream and crushed freeze-dried cherry. A perfectly balanced chocolate and fruit flavour.


And drum roll s’il vous plaît – Guillaumes favourite!

Mango Custard With Salted Caramel –

A delicate lady-finger base layered with salted caramel mousse and melt-in-your-mouth mango custard.  Finished with slice almonds and a mini white chocolate shard.

Interested in seeing more of the wholesale French dessert range? Contact our sales team directly by emailing and one of our reps will be happy to come and visit you to discuss our extensive wholesale range.

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