Ma Cherie Large Desserts – An Interview with Head Chef, Guillaume Nicoli

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Last month, we had the privilege of interviewing head Chef Guillaume Nicoli about his delicious creation, the Dark Chocolate and Passion Fruit Gateaux 

The blog was such a hit, and so much fun, that we thought we’d do it again! This time though, the amazing and mouth-watering Wholesale Large Desserts. With their impressive fillings, amazing piping and fresh flavours, they are a firm favourite in the Ma Cherie range.  

There are 4 delicious desserts to choose from, but who would want to choose? We suggest trying them all!  


French Lemon Meringue Tart 

Classic French style Lemon Meringue Tart on a pastry base with our special recipe almond crème. Topped with a tangy homemade lemon curd and finished with hand piped meringue.  

French Dark Chocolate Tart 

A chocolate lovers dream! Homemade pastry base with our special recipe almond crème, chocolate ganache, topped with 70% rich chocolate mousse, finished with a dark chocolate glaze, topped with soft Chantilly cream. 


Dark Chocolate & Passion Fruit Large Gateaux 

A delicious dacquoise (almond sponge cake) layered with passionfruit jelly and dark chocolate mousse. Covered in decadent dark chocolate, and finished with hand piped chantilly cream, and passionfruit glaze. 



Natural Raspberry & Chocolate Gateaux 

A classic homemade Dacquoise sponge base, layered with creamy chocolate mousse and raspberry jelly made from fresh raspberries. Topped with Raspberry mousse and finished with freeze-dried raspberry pieces. 


Here’s what Guillaume has to say:  


When did you start making large desserts 

We started making large desserts almost a year ago.  


Who did you have in mind when you started creating them?  

We really wanted to design a dessert for two purposes, either for events (birthday parties, offices, function), but also to be cut into pieces for café, restaurant, caterings.        


What’s your favourite one? 

Without any hesitation the Lemon Meringue tart as it is made with frangipani, the same way as my mentor taught me and the lemon tart. 


How many servings would you make when slicing the whole desserts?  

I would slice the whole tart into 10 portion and whole gateaux into 12. 


Interested in seeing more of the wholesale French dessert range? Contact our sales team directly by emailing and one of our reps will be happy to come and visit you to discuss our extensive wholesale range.   

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