Summer Flavours in our Desserts

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Summer Flavours in our Desserts

Summer is in full swing in New Zealand and Guillaume, the Founder of Ma Cherie, has whipped up some delicious creations using the best flavours that New Zealand has to offer. In the spirit of summer and fresh ingredients, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite summer flavours in the Ma Cherie kitchen.  

As Guillaume says, “You can’t fake real fruit flavour!” 


Mango, although it’s not a normal kiwi fruit it’s definitely a fresh, exciting vibrant flavour. It’s fresh and tangy with so much sweetness that it’s hard not to feel summery while eating this fruit. Let us introduce you to the Mango Custard Gateaux with Salted Caramel 

These gateaux have a delicate lady-finger base layered with salted caramel mousse and melt-in-your-mouth mango custard.  Finished with slice almonds and a mini white chocolate shard. It’s summery but has a level of luxury with that smooth delicious mango custard.  

Blueberries and Cherries  

There’s nothing quite like pulling cherries and blueberries off the trees of an orchard. An exciting memory that inspired our Head Chef to create these decadent gateaux. Mixing the sweetness of the cherry with the round tartness of the blueberry, this summery desert is balanced perfectly with a hit of chocolate! Blueberry & Cherry Gateaux 

These gateaux have a homemade brownie based topped with a dome of fruity blueberry mousse. In the centre of the dome, you’ll find a cherry and blueberry jelly. Topped with whipped cream and crushed freeze-dried cherry. A perfectly balanced chocolate and fresh fruit flavour. 


With delicious raspberries coming right into the Ma Cherie kitchen, you’ll surely be hooked on one of our favourite sweet delights – the Raspberry and Chocolate Gateaux. It’s even sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries.  

These gateaux have a classic homemade chocolate brownie base.  Topped with a bold balloon filled with layers of creamy chocolate mousse and raspberry jelly made from fresh raspberries.  Topped with light chocolate mousse and finished with freeze-dried raspberry pieces. 


Fresh as a summer’s day, but rich enough to serve as the perfect ending to a beautiful meal. One of our favourite summer treats from the Ma Cherie kitchen is the French Lemon Meringue Whole Tart 

Classic French style Lemon Meringue tart on a pastry base with our special recipe almond crème. Topped with a tangy homemade lemon curd and finished with hand piped meringue. 

You can also choose to have it all with Ma Cherie’s famous macarons. Check out these amazing summer flavours! Mixed Berries, Lemon Meringue, Passion Fruit, Strawberry & Cream and Raspberry!  


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