Vinters’ Brunch – 3rd Place for Ma Cherie & Babich Wines

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Vinters’ Brunch – 3rd Place for Ma Cherie & Babich Wines

On Sunday 5th August, Ma Cherie partook in the 23rd Annual Vinters’ Brunch, a fundraising event for Harbour Hospice. Ma Cherie were one of 12 top restaurants competing in the event, all of whom were matched with a top wine maker. We were delighted to be matched with Babich Wines and together we designed a dessert and wine combination which was voted 3rd best match on the day. It was a very tough competition, and we’re very happy with this result.

Our Dish Inspiration
Our original plan was to go with something seasonal, it needed to have French Flair, but also suit Kiwi tastes. Our team came up with two concepts, Tropical Fruits with Chocolate, and Raspberry with Chocolate. Both dishes had a variety of textures and included one of our iconic macarons. As this is a collaborative event, the next stage was to see which of our dishes matched best with the Babich Wine selection.

The Wine Match
The Babich Wine team came to meet us at our production kitchen, and together we sampled our dessert options matching them with a number of wines from the Babich Range. After much deliberation and discussion, we made our final decision – we went for the Chocolate Raspberry Dessert option, and Babich Winemakers Reserve 2017 Syrah.

If you review the Babich Wine Cellar, this probably isn’t the wine that you’d expect us to pick, however we could pass on the match between the dark chocolate and raspberry with the Syrah – it was phenomenal.

The Final Dish
Our final dish featured several elements. A 70% dark chocolate mousse layered with natural raspberry jelly on a vanilla bean crumble. Plated with fresh raspberry coulis and a natural raspberry macaron.
Don’t be fooled by 70% dark chocolate, this is a very light mousse which isn’t too bitter it really works well with the natural raspberry flavouring throughout the dish. The vanilla bean crumble adds texture as well as a sweet balance to the dessert. A raspberry macaron has been one of the signature items on our product list since 2009. We feel we have got to a stage where our macaron recipe is the best it can be. We’ve used natural fruit for the filling. The macaron is a full flavour and texture on its own.

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