Introducing our Large Tarts and Cakes from Ma Cherie

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Introducing our Large Tarts and Cakes from Ma Cherie

This July, we’re delighted to launch four new items to our product range – large tarts and cakes. This range is perfect for sharing at a birthday, celebrating a special occasion or to slice up and serve as a delicious dessert menu item – they’ve been designed with celebration, indulgence and happy memories in mind.
Our range features two French Style Tarts, and two Low Gluten Cakes, all of which are now available to order.

Large Tarts
Our Large Tart range features a French Lemon Tart, and a French Dark Chocolate Tart. They are both visually appealing and made with lovely. They are baked with handmade pastry base and are finished with hand piping around the edge. They were designed with a dome in mind, our twist on a classic flat tart.


French Lemon Tart
Our range has always featured a classic Lemon Tart, and we’re happy to have a large version back in our range. We make our own lemon curd in house to ensure it’s the perfect balance of sweet and zingy. It also contains crème d’amande, bringing a delicious almond flavour to the tart.

French Dark Chocolate Tart
Several customers requested a purely chocolate dessert. Our team came up with this chocolate tart which we’d classed as a ‘true chocolate lovers dream!’ It features a 70% cocoa rich chocolate mousse, layered on our special recipe almond crème. It’s finished with a dark chocolate glaze, and hand piped Chantilly cream.

Large Cakes
We’re delighted to launch two Large Cakes that are both Low Gluten. That means those with food sensitives don’t need to miss out on the deliciousness. We’ve paired chocolate with our favourite fruit flavours, and come up with two distinctive looking (and tasting) cakes that we think your customers are going to love.

Dark Chocolate and Passionfruit Cake (Low Gluten)
Dark Chocolate and Passionfruit are a flavour combination made in heaven, trust us, you need to try this! This cake is made up of soft layers of almond sponge (dacquoise) with a homemade passionfruit jelly and dark chocolate mousse. It’s covered in decadent dark chocolate, with a passionfruit flavoured glaze. Topped with hand piped Chantilly cream, and extra passionfruit.

Natural Raspberry and Chocolate Cake (Low Gluten)
Chocolate and Raspberry have consistently been one of our best-selling flavour combinations. We’ve brought them together in this large cake. It’s 25cm round, so you should get 8 to 10 generous slices from each cake.
This cake is low gluten due to our almond sponge base, which is then layered with chocolate mousse, and raspberry jelly made from all-natural flavouring.

Our range is now available to order for all our wholesale customers. We’ve added this to our pricelist, get in touch with our sales team if you’d like to receive a new version – they’ll be happy to help. Email: or call us directly on 09 573 1160.

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